Donahue Expedition

Mo was in the loft and I just kind of tooling around in the garage (Buttons).

“hmmm, it looks like we can connect Big Creek with Rock Creek”

“No way”

That is habitually how it goes when we find a new piece of planet to ride on.

About a year later as we camped at Carabella I brought it back up.

“Let’s go for that section you spotted in the recreation map last year”


We parked at the snowmobile parking lot because the Donahue Trail 183 South trailhead was closed with a closed gate. (our route)

Biking down the forest road the enthusiasm was growing. New trails are our pleasure drug. At the trailhead, the biking yearlong symbol affixed to the excitement.

Initially, the trail drops to Rock creek apparently skirting some private land but don’t get me started on people that believe it’s their land.

As my buddy likes in a blog post… Then it happened, lol. The pitch went skyward and we climbed for what seemed like a week. I climbed but Mo decided it too ridiculous and started hike-a-biking.

At the top of the ridge, the trail turns into some big ass evergreens and it is there we stopped for a pic-a-nic, as Yogi puts it.

After a discussion of how the Sage Brush seemed to be working to kill us on the last climb and a planned tuna sandwich, we headed into the pines.

We weaved into forests and connected on private roads which seemed to be hand-holding us to the next “Public” section. But it is there that it was undesirable to proceed.

Everything underwater and looking across a big snowfield I gave up the ghost.

Maybe another day. I caught back up to Mo who turned around ages ago and we departed back the way we came. Even failed endeavors are great. There is more excitement to connect the dots and still new trails to ride.

Can’t wait.

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