One is better then two

We’ve been up there before. Spinks Creek. It’s a trail. And a trailhead. Mostly we’ve been on our fat bikes and once even made it to the private land turn-around.

It’s pretty fun but it’s rocky. And today we decided to take this on before heading to Gardiner. One day off is what it seems like. We made the most of it … but … It just didn’t seem like a weekend. Sure, we were in our van and camping. That part was good.

But I couldn’t get over the fact that things have changed. Going from just one person working to two people working makes life complex. Instead of taking off Thursday or Friday and not coming home till Monday or Tuesday, we are now going to work on Monday and then having to be back to work on Sunday. Well because of the starts at 6 now.

That just leaves us with Saturday, the only full day that both of us have off together. I am contemplating just going off on my own. Just having my weekends and adventures alone. And then once in a while, if we both manage a time we can do something together. We can be together again.

Your Thoughts

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