Goal Reset

Back in Livingston Montana resetting. Laundry, showers, and filling water tanks. The plan is to hit up Acton for another week or so for enduro training camp part 2. Which brings me to what is dominating my mind. How important is it to set a distance as a goal? With my passion, which is mountain biking. Which is in the normal scheme of thing pretty stupid. But I have this desire to look at last year and out-do it mileage wise. Not time spent on bike or exercising. But distance. Come to think of it I care about speed too. Higher, faster, farther …. always on my mind.


I mean, it’s not sustainable to always increase your mileage as you get older, right? At one time in my life. I cycled I think 8,000 miles in a single season. Which for a mountain biker is a lot? If I were a road cyclist, it would have probably been more like 10,000 a year. By now I would be biking every day, all day just to keep up.

Of course, now that I’m old. I’m wise. I can’t go back. So, What’re my goals now? I’m thinking 10% of how much I did last year. As I started the Enduro phase of my life my mileage has gone way down. So it is my concern that I am starting to slow down. It always bugs me.

I AM getting old though. It’s all an illusion I know but hey, I gotta have goals and I love goals. I love going out knowing that I gotta bike 10 miles a day or else. I always like to go faster farther or more of something than last year. And I really don’t like doing anything else … AT ALL.

I don’t wanna just lay down and die. I wanna obtain more. Right now. I’m on par with last year. I just have to do at least 10 miles a day to sustain that but at some point, as we reach the sixth month halfway point of the year I’ll have to think about what I have to do to be 10% over 2019.

Well, to think more about this I’ll just jump on my bike a pedal around Livingston.

Your Thoughts

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