The Last Great Adventure

With things the way they are it is really hard to think back to a time when adventure was so easy. An idea was born. Then executed. Just like that. Now it is like we are not allowed to go out to explore. And we slip into a convict mentality. How long would it take before anyone realized that we are not in our cell?

A lot of firsts were obtained during one of our last adventures. First overnighter in a rest area and Walmart parking lot. First mountain bike ride in Great Falls. First time seeing the falls … er … what is left of them. First time seeing a carp raise out of the water to watch you walk down the road. First big sunny day.

Okay, it was not the first big sunny day. It always seems like when I see the sun I am amazed. Every time I see a photo with the sun I think it was the last time I have seen the sun. In any case … when you experience so many firsts. You know you have adventured. You’ve gone out into the new. First experiences.

It indeed seems we can’t do that anymore. But isn’t the situation the first time we have experienced this? Isn’t this just another big adventure. I have to say though. IT is getting old and it doesn’t seem like an adventure anymore. Isn’t it about time to end this one?

Your Thoughts

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