Deadman’s basin

Deadman’s Basin. It’s a reservoir just outside of Shawmut Montana.

As a child. I don’t know if I was told or what, but I thought that people would die in this lake because the winds would kick up and capsize fishing boats. And that people will get swept away in the overflow drain. But the fact is that the reservoir was named after a hanging.

People back in the day thought that this guy was stealing horses and so for that, they hung him. For being a horse thief. Thus dead man’s basin.

It was fun to revisit my childhood playground. A place that my aunt and friends used to take me to party and swim and. Try to learn to water ski.

As a child, I always thought this was a huge sea. But now as an adult, it’s just a reservoir. Also as a child, I never saw the mountains. I thought this was the plains and nothing exciting. It was just so boring. Just a place to go party and get drunk and swim. Come to find out that if you look to the north there are the Big Snowy Mountains. And to the South, there is the Crazy Mountain Range. Huge mountain ranges that make this place absolutely beautiful.

Revisit the places you remember as a child because when you do it will be a different experience. Too bad we can not do that with people … ha.

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