Shelter in Hell

Okay, yeah, I’m gonna say it again. Livingston is whacked in the weather department. So this morning’s walk was in seven degrees and it is April 2nd. Happy birthday, right? OK. I agree. I might bitch a little too much about the weather and then I should change my situation and believe me we are going to. With COVID-19 I should feel lucky to have anything. No, that is just my childhood voice saying it is all my fault and I should always feel ashamed. Screw my childhood.

Just have to get it off my chest. And maybe I’m grouchy because I was up all night thinking about the COVID-19 outbreak.

How many people are supposed to die? It’s crazy. It’s almost like we’re sitting here waiting for death to knock on the door. And then I think about other people that are not as healthy as us. That scares me even more.

I guess to make a coffee then make the most of today.

And be consistently aware of everything that comes in and out of the apartment.

Hope you are staying safe and are okay

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