Happy Text-aversary

It’s 10:42 PM … way past his bedtime. A text came in during a ride resulting in a crash and getting home late. He scrambled to figure out how to reply to a text while the phone was in disrepair.

Bill M here. Using my other number. Hey, you still up? I just got your text. Sounds like an epic day 😉

Ha! 2 funny … yup foldin laundry watchin buffy … just crazy over here … r u exhausted … at home? 10:45 PM

Yes, exhausted. Uploading photos soon. Then sleep. Like you said sleep=good. Hey i got a question …

Cool food then sleep nothin better …. I might hav an answer? …

Yes, food. I downed half an elk. I got a email that Lydia is visiting her friend here in bozone. Would you consider a adventurous weekend in Boz? Next weekend?

Elk = yum .. bozone weekend sounds like fun! totally … did u say next weekend will work ? let me know and can see if its possibe … i think im dog sitting end of aug but i think it ends on fri. … snd like fun …. wait do I hav 2 go 55 miles?

Haha, I was thinking more like a hundred. Naw, miles are not going to be counted. Just for fun. Next weekend … yup. … Oh BTW … its 66 miles today not 55. Just so we are clear on that. Ha

Cool .. Let me confer w my friend kirsten … And find out t exact dates … Ill let u know … & start some 100 miler training … And intervals … Kidding .

🙂 great. Well I hope you have great slumber tonight. And tomorrow … until like … 11ish. Ill be out getting exhausted again.

Roger that … 66 … 14 here over n out have some good zzzz’sand fun 2 morrow ..

The next evening …

How was your day 🙂

Cool Super …relaxed …just had bbq now gettin ready 4 work week … and sleep … yeah …. maybe … some netflix … also next week … dont need 2

poochy sit till monday so t docket is clear …. ready 4 adventure…

🙂 That is great on all accounts. Cant wait.

Happy text-aversary Snuggles …o/o

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