What was my favorite job?

I just walked away from my desk. Time to go for a walk. Got to clear the mind and come up with a solution for a problem here at work. To clear my mind I start thinking about my current situation. I have a good situation right now, a job with flexibility at a place where I can contribute. Is THIS my favorite job? Wait, what year is it? What is my favorite job, was my favorite job? Not a job that I wish I had, which if you think about it is kind of stupid because I hate working. I mean my favorite job of all time.

Working from downtown Livingston

I guess the first job I ever had was peeling potatoes at my grandma’s Cafe, the Pioneer Cafe in Roundup. But really a job where I was actually paid maybe would be the family business Buckey’s Petroleum. Which Mom and Dad ran and which in payment I was given gas to ride my motorcycle Maybe? Okay, maybe not, can’t remember back that far. I guess with the requirement that the first job would be the one that I actually got paid would be the United Building Center in Roundup Montana. Restocking nails and paint. Was kind of a lumber yard and hardware store. But in return, I got a grade for school. Kind of like work experience class or something, can’t remember that either. No, I guess my first job, the one I actually got paid for, would be the Power Wash in Casper Wyoming. We washed construction equipment for mines.

Pioneer Cafe
Grandma stands in front of the cafe she started in my childhood, and in the background Uncle Bob (Roundup Electric fame) and Aunt Cindy Tull

From there I would go on to sell cleaner door-to-door in Salt Lake City and Seattle then after a short stint at college, or a try at it anyway, I settled upon being a carpet laying apprentice at J&J Enterprises in Billings Montana. Continuing on I went on to Burt & Ernie’s Restaurant but then moved and was a janitor at Cameron Middle School in Missouri. I was an electrician’s Apprentice at Roundup Electric which my Uncle Bob ran. I also was a convenience store cashier at Blue Basket Billings. I worked a short stint at Pizza Hut. I also worked for the state of Missouri in a state park. I also rebuilt gauges at Plattsburgh gauge in Plattsburgh New York and even worked at a wallpaper factory in Plattsburgh New York. Whew! [couple deep breaths] From there I became a cyclist, raced my bikes, and worked at Viking Ski Shop in Plattsburgh New York. I rolled candles at Northern expressions … even worked at a nursery. Then I went to school and sitting there in the counselor’s office I determined that maybe I should go into computer science. So then it was Sikorsky Aircraft and on to Missoula Montana for a couple jobs. And finally where I’m at now working for Montana State University.

Zamboni Driver - Plattsburgh State University
I was a Zamboni driver while in college at PSUC

Whoa, there! Backing up to my FAVORITE job, let’s roll back the clock to when I went to school the second time. My friends Paul and Lucy had talked me into the possibility that I was actually smart and that I should go to school. I started out at Clinton Community College, got a degree, and then went on to Plattsburgh State University. I soon discovered that I needed some extra cash to afford an apartment while I finished my degree. I got a job at the Plattsburgh State University Fieldhouse. And my job, to Drive a Zamboni. This, my friends, was the best job I ever had.

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