Yellowstone Park and Back

We are still hoping that we get to live in the park this summer. Things are looking bleak since they tore down our transit hut from last year. Now we just hope something becomes available with WiFi so I can work from home. The backup plan is to get a cheap place in Gardiner. We have options.

Photo by Mo Mislivets

How is the park? Well, Mo has been out recording wolf sounds and volunteering for a birds project. Definitely keeping busy she brings back images from the field. I sure wish we could switch places. Feeling sorry for myself standing in the cold and looking at my bike I feel trapped a bit.

Back to Bozeman and a quick ride in between all the traveling

Me, when I am not in the Park I am back in Bozeman squeezing in a bike ride once in a while. Right now for some reason I just can’t throw my leg over my bike. I have to say I have been extremely disgruntled since coming back from the Desert.

Photo by Mo Mislivets

How cool would it be to trounce around in the Park and check out the wildlife? It beats enduring the cold devil dust to finish by going inside for a showing of YouTube videos into the evenings. I’m relegated, a self-inflicted state, to ride the same trail every single day. Same old spooky woods, same old pond, etc, wash and repeat. When I do feel like going outside the car is out-of-town.  I turn around to go back inside, to heck with it.

City pond

Mo is going out for another wolf recording session and is sitting by the Lamar River waiting for the dawn. That is when the wolves will finally start to howl. They are trying to get a good track for their podcast.

Photo by Mo Mislivets

The microphone picks up everything. Even flakes of snow hitting the surface. All the while I stay quiet at home working and wishing for the desert.

Photo by Mo Mislivets

And the wolves finally tells all. How it is to be wild and free. They are not trapped. Not at all, even in the winter. They are at home. Why shouldn’t I should do the same? Raise my head to the skies and howl. And thank mother earth for my freedom. And what I do is my choice. Hell yea, going for a ride.

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