We are gearing up for a week-long vacation to southern Utah. Hopefully to ride our bikes. For some reason, I can not revel in that or look forward to it. One must understand how I work. I am a planner. I can’t just do stuff last-minute. And I am used to swallowing this outlook as we prepare for a vacation. Where we don’t start packing until the last day and it’s super stressful … for at least myself.

But, I am used to that and I know we will eventually get going. Sometimes late, but we pull it off… always. This time, however, I am freaking out that once we get back the goal was to downsize and move into a poverty situation so I can pay off my student loan.

The hope is that without overhanging dept we can just start vagabonding and will eventually be free. Free from the shackles of working for others and the burden of doing that to buy crap. Just to have to manage it all. Working. Sleeping, Paying the bills just to warehouse crap. Then buy more.

No, I think freedom is to have a bike, food, and a place to sleep. To do a passion that others will find valuable. Do what we want.  Freedom.

First though we have to start downsizing. And it seems silly to me that we are going on a vacation, a lavish vacation when we havent prepared for the work we need to do when we return.

On a commute to work

“Breath”, snuggles says, “Breath”. And as the oxygen saturates my brain it unfreezes. Yes, we need to be free from this. And in time we will get there. It’s an adventure. Don’t they always work out? Wow, am I thankful for an adventure partner.

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