The Longer Way

I often go out fat biking around the neighborhood. This year I do what I like to call the Lollipop Guild. It’s a series of three out and back routes that at the end have a small loop. So it looks like a lollipop on a map.

I also always offer my tiny excursions to my partner. If she is in town or not busy she will sometimes indulge in my insane route. For her, one should ride, loop around, and then make it home. Most importantly the most direct way. To me, I want to savor the fat bike experience and go long. Which may mean snaking my way along every town trail. It can get quite complex.

“Time to head home cuddles”

Tonight she indulged me and followed my senseless twists and turns eventually ending up at the ‘Pop’ of the largest ‘Lolli’ route.  After an hour we went around a mile as the crow flies, but my route was 6. She had enough.

“Stay out and have fun, I am just going to ride home”

The sun sets on a section of trail nearing what we call Spooky Woods

And that was it. She bee-lined it. I finished my routes and joined her home a couple of hours later.

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