Working from home. It affords us so much but at the same time seems to make us busier. Well, there is feeling socially deprived too. But the best part is that there is no commute. Which affords us time to go hiking and after work extracurriculars.

Fall 2017
A fall hike

But then I get focused without office distractions and although I do get more done I forget to go on that 15-minute walking break or stretch. I feel curmudgeon and cant get my personal stuff done. Maybe it is time to set an alarm and take a break once in a while.

Fall 2017
Working from home

Just like life and just going along focused on making money and paying the rent. We buy stuff to get us in a place to think that we are making money to afford them.

Fall 2017
Some little creatures gathering on our porch

Are we focused and missing out? Is it time to get rid of all our stiff and try to work less. No, not be poor but have more freedom?

Fall 2017
Lone ride

Ahh yes, freedom!

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