Hebgen Lake Camp Out

RAVAGED! By life. And now there is Labor Day weekend, what to do? It was all so sudden without a plan. Traditionally we bike packed. But this year we haven’t even done one yet. And quite frankly we were worn out; with Mo being in Yellowstone Park and myself working here in Bozeman it was all we could do to just relax on the weekends. So we decided to do something between bike-packing and staying home. What we came up with was a campout weekend. Hebgen Lake and camp out for 4 days.

Geranium Leaf

We got there and enjoyed a campfire the first night. Then the next morning adventure opened up in the form of a trail idea we saw on a map. We decided upon doing that trail possibly getting up to the Coffin Lakes.

Day 1 adventure was a sweet ride to Coffin Lakes

It all started out innocent enough. We were just going to ride up the trail and see how far we could get. And if we got tired of walking or hiking we could just ride back down and go back to Camp. Maybe take a nap in the hammock or something. Recover from life back home. Repair.

If you are not pushing your bike then you are not on an adventure.

We did push our bikes but not before we had a great single-track ride up the valley. The fall colors were already starting to appear and we stopped often to take in the sights. Then after some hike-a-bike, we approached the lake.

Coffin Lakes

It was kind of creepy. First off we ran into a bear. The issue was that the bear didn’t have any way to go but through us because this lake was closed in by canyon walls. We could get RAVAGED! Fortunately, though, it climbed high … hopefully to get out of the canyon. None the less we kept looking over our shoulders.

Loving my new mountain bike

And then there was the abandoned campsite which at first looked as though that bear had eaten the campers and ravaged the camp. But no, it was just a tent someone left up there. After a quick dip, we were outta there. Time to rip the downhill on my new plus bike. Life really isn’t all that bad. Our lives didn’t seem like it had been ravaged all that much now.

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