Revenge Enduro

Everyone reaches a tipping point. You know, when you hit rock bottom and make some changes. For me, it was after stage 2. I crashed pretty hard coming down the Revenge downhill and went through a tree. I was pretty shaken up at the bottom of the lift and on the ride up with Brian I looked up from my feet and into the sky and said, “enough is enough”. “I’m going to take control of this bike. I need to grab that thing and make it do what I wanted to do. It’s time I ride the bike and not have the bike ride me.

“Sounds good”, Brian said and gave me a confused look.  The next three stages I rode what I didn’t think I could ride. And I really started to have some fun. Heels low … centered on the bike.

On the last stage, I began slowly squeezing the brakes, but after 3 seconds I let go and rode that damn bike down the hill. I barely made up enough time to win the series overall in the Masters Class. Not too shabby for this experiment and new adventure.

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