Chestnut with Paul

Ride With Paul
Once on the ridge-line, it was time for a break.

Some people are good hosts. I consider myself not a good host. When I learn there are visitors I posture with stress responses. I would rather visit. And go along. Unless I plan something. If I were to actually plan something then I have everything figured out. Paul visited and after the usual negotiation of the expectational itinerary I was comforted to learn we were just going to “hang”. I am cool with that.

Ride With Paul
Paul and I

Once released from anxiety the possibilities were endless. One such possibility was a ride on Chestnut, a local gem. Mo dropped us off at the trailhead and was there when we popped out. Like a professional vacation for my friend. And without trying.  I am going to say that I consider “Just hanging” is more fun than hosting.

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