Grand Enduro Day 2

After practice yesterday I had a handle on what it would take to come from behind and win this thing. Brian, who took that cool photo below, had shown me the correct way to hit some bike park challenges. Jumps with steep lips, drops, doubling, and things like hopping over obstacles.   Day 1 was an abysmal attempt at enduro but after the last stage, we hit a couple runs. That evening beer over supper.  And now, I was ready. I was so excited I figured I would hike my bike up and do a section just to warm up for the day.

The first jump I did a front wheelie into a faceplant taking out some shrubs. All confidence lost I proceeded on day 2 to fall further back in the standings. I just need more practice. I can do this. Mental fatigue is way different than physical fatigue. I have so much to learn about endurance.


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