Spanish Peaks Adventure Day 4

For 3 days I have been wondering how we were going to fare climbing up to Indian Ridge which starts at Beacon Point at a little over 10,000 feet. “They,” say, a pack over 30 pounds is not good for extended backpacking trips. Try for ultralight 25-pound loads. Mine was around the mid-40s.  Mo’s was around 25 and she fared well. I did too but really if I had the choice I would go as light s possible.  I was REAL happy to make it up to Beacon Point, even with a little scrambling. I thought that the day would be a piece of cake from there. But the hike down Indian Ridge, in the end, turned out to be the brutal part. Maybe because of length, don’t know, but was really glad to reach Arrow Lake. Funny how when one is exhausted they have enough energy to put up camp and still play around the rest of the evening. Usually normal days back at home, after a day of work, I blackout on the couch. Interesting.

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