Coffee on a Stump

So tomorrow we travel to Bozeman to prepare a trip the next day to Missoula. We then return to Bozeman and the next day to Mammoth. Then we have to pack for a move into position to hang in Bozeman to start selling stuff. Holy cow!

History Rock
The saddle looking down Fox Creek

So coffees on the stovetop here, with the electric bialetti tomorrow, and then on an MSR Reactor stove somewhere in the Rattlesnake.

History Rocks Trail
From the saddle

Out in the natural world as we adventure on our bikes and find places to camp out this kind of behavior is preferred. Moving around. A new campsite every night. Exciting new changes. So why then is all this traveling on highways and sleeping in different spots exciting? Well … I guess it is a little. But at least we always make coffee the same way.


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