What Happens Sometimes

OK, so there is only so much time every day … or in life. Much like our attempt back in April when we attempted to get to Window Rock Cabin. There is stuff I used to do all the time without much difficulty. Like blog almost every day. Or just ride our bikes up to Window rock and stay the night. Every day I look forward to blogging and think about what I want to express. Seems doable. So did the cabin.

Window Rock Fail
At the intersection, all looked OK.

But I forget about my rehab exercises and all the stuff I need to do to make a comeback as an old dude. And I forget about my sudden obsession with Enduro. In April I forgot … well … it was still April.

Window Rock Fail
Our turn around point … well, I had gone a mile or two a little further and the snow was 6 inches deeper.

Eventually, we turned around and called it all off. And eventually every day I call off the blog post.

One thought on “What Happens Sometimes

  1. I love reading your words and seeing the amazing places you go, Bill. I hope you never fully “call off the blog post”. I would be very sad. Keep up the great work and hope the rehab is going well!

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