Back From the Root with Something New

Saturday we traveled to Hamilton. Once there we had some time to kill so we walked around downtown and ate at Bitterroot Brewing. The latter was a big mistake because soon my gut was aching and we had to go to our room so that I could lay down. Maybe it was all the stress of the weekend. Soon the person responsible for our new acquisition arrived and I jumped up to greet him.

Hamilton Trip
It is a fixer-uper

As we waited for the delivery we chit chatted and got caught up on the happenings around the Root. Around 10pm it was time and everyone went into action. We all scurried to the delivery barn.

Hamilton Trip
An image in a mens bathroom.

As the doc was telling us a story I got the first glimpse of the new baby. There it was … looked so tiny.There were minor complications but the doc fixed it up and finally was in my arms. Delivery time was officially at 10:30pm with a weight of around 33 pounds. Heavy little brute! We chatted about all the things we needed to do to keep our new edition healthy and hopefully around for a while. I was given some toys and supplies and we left with our new bundle of joy.

Hamilton Trip
Cruz came with a care package

We stayed up late just looking at the newbie. So may intricate parts. So cute. Still though we had no name for it. We don’t even know the gender although we do know it was definitely trans-platform. 27 plus but sometimes a 29er. But we are cool with that.

Hamilton Trip
Crossing the Bitterroot

I was up all night, once to clean minor leakage in the undercarriage. I was exhausted and got spotty sleep. Morning came and after coffee we went out for it’s first ride. It was all a blur. Our new edition was well behaved and did around 20 miles on it’s first outing.

Hamilton Trip
Mo climbing on El

We checked in one more time with the doc and took our little Cruz home. All the while Mo was driving I was in the back tickling and holding the new edition.

Hamilton Trip
Now that it is daylight I can see what we have here.

The family is now at home and everyone is getting to know each other. We don’t have the space but we are making do. Ruby is sharing her room for now.

Hamilton Trip
Cruz posing in the Roots waiting to load up for it’s first ride home in the Element.

Let the new adventures begin …o/o

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