Team MoBill Part 3 – Green Goggles

This post is the third in a series called the Team MoBill Story

I just pulled Betty off of my bike rack and was getting ready for the Thursday Night Ride. Being it was May 12th we were finally on dirt. I was fresh off an adventure race win and feeling like a superhero. I had a secret weapon too. My green goggles.

The Green Goggle
Night Vision

I had two weeks before my 24 hour race in Spokane. I came up with this idea to limit my view while riding in the daylight to train for night riding. You know, because at night you are just able to see where your lights shine. Anyway that was my plan for tonight. I would wear my green goggles. This was my last chance to practice because I was on the edge of a taper period. I strapped them on and looked around.

“Are you going to wear THOSE?”, the voice seemed agitated. I swiveled around to come face to face with my friend Julie.

“Yea … because I want to …”, is all I got out before she swiveled around and stomped off. Wondering what was up with her I joined the group. We were doing a local trail called Sidewinder. To get to the top of it we climbed up fire roads. It seems this was perfect to ride up to someone and chat.

Norman and I pose for a pic

“So where is your mother ship”, I heard a voice to my right. I squinted hard to make sure I was seeing what I thought I saw. It was the moon-walker.

“um …”, I struggled with an explanation. Then I decided to just come clean, “I am training for a 24 hour race and want to get ready for night riding. These goggles limit my vision so I can get ready to go fast at night.” I was hoping that had covered it. There might have been an “OK” plus some chit chat. I basically blacked out for around 10 minutes.

It was her … the moon-walker commonly known as Mo. And I didn’t want to bug, or ride with, her all night so as to not give away Julie’s plan. The gravity of the night started to sink in. That was it. My first chance to make a first impression. Short and sweet. And as a bonus, my worst introduction ever.

And what about Julie? I know understood why she was so pissed at me. I later confirmed with her that indeed the night was set up. And I brought my madness. Seems I was destined to always be solo.

“Well, if anything does happen, she saw my worst”, I told everyone later at the pizza get-together. Mo didn’t attend … probably a bad sign.

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