Team MoBill Part 2 – The Investigation

This post is the second in a series called the Team MoBill Story

2011 started out so tough. It was so hard and scary at times that it was hard to recognize opportunity. Pure survival. The last thing on my mind was “a girl”. The only thing I could do to keep my mind off things was to train, and train hard. During this time my best friend, who I had a huge crush on, left town. Then I had a bad situation, a sewage flood and subsequent blaming of me, with my landlord. That resulted in a midnight extraction and move to another apartment. Bundle that with a really tough situation at work where my boss turned psycho. All of this putting me in a “I hate Missoula” mood.

Missoula Morning

But Missoula was not my problem. A beautiful town with beautiful friends that I took all for granted. At this point, if this were a movie, the assumption the boy meet girls is forgotten.

Training Intervals

It was survival time and I had to survive. I continued on and do what I did best. Race hard and win when I could. Empty heart and empty town was my window into the world. The January suggestion was all but forgotten.

Missoula scene

I couldn’t sleep, and for once it was not about all the bad things happening. I found a new apartment and things started to look up. I even had a job opportunity, although in Bozeman. No, I couldn’t sleep. Then it hit me. I was wondering about the suggestion that Julie had made a couple months ago. Was this person she was talking about the very same person I remember doing the MJ Moon Walk.


I went to the inter webs to get more details. I went to Facebook and sent a message to Julie. I didn’t want to seem like I was interested … but I was. I gently asked for details.  Then I got a reply.

Wow, I was wondering if you remembered.

Oh yea, I did, I internally realized. But I wasn’t going to let on that I was up all night rendering the suggestion in my head. I needed more intel. I wondered if we should just start using code names since I was going to suggest maybe being a team of stockers. I mean intelligence gatherers. Ok, yea, stalkers.Missoula

My informant assured me that the subject checked out and I was given a couple resources to review. A couple blog posts, and maybe a staff photo or two. With this intel my assumption was confirmed … the subject was indeed the “moon-walker”.

I reported back with some intel of my own. A USA cycling profile. A racer. A cyclocross racer. This was exciting.

You are a good detective. I’ll see if I can talk her into joining us on a hike then give you a heads up…

Hold on, whoa. Huge excitement, sure, then dread. I mean I am not the prince of social situations. Some call quirky, or akward. And that is where we leave it … with a huge foreshadow.

One thought on “Team MoBill Part 2 – The Investigation

  1. I’m glad your blogging about this, Bill. It was a big year for both of us. I really hope to see you again soon. I think I WILL make a summer Montana trip happen.

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