Team MoBill Part 1 – The Suggestion

This post is the first in a series called the Team MoBill Story

How did it all start? And why didn’t I blog about it back in 2011? Most knew something was up but my posts were cryptic.

Semi Championship Game
Adventure Cycling Party

This story actually has roots in 2010. I was at the Adventure Cycling holiday party as a guest of my friend Jill. I notice this cool character who was doing the Micheal Jackson moonwalk. And rather good at that. I was impressed at how she seemed to be the life of the party. I didn’t have the guts or even more importantly not rehearsed any run-ins with someone as attractive. After that I kind of lost track and eventually got caught up in other things. Like the championship table tennis match … which we lost.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
Julie, Norman, and Lydia

So REALLY this story officially starts in 2011 during an outing with my friends up Welcome Creek.  A 5 mile snowshoe outting which is detailed in the post. It was after we were back at the car that the subject of closer relationships came up. Maybe the group got me out there to get over my depression of losing a dear friend who was planning a move out of town.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe

All of us except Julie were technically single I believe. But I was targeted for some reason, or I must of reeked of loneliness.  Maybe I was just finishing off my speech of who would be the perfect fantasy partner for myself. Or maybe Julie was just doing her magic, and connected with my strange wit and humor that lead to an idea.  No matter the reason, this was the event that put into motion a string of events that started what is now referred to as Team MoBill.

Welcome Creek Snowshoe
The group shoeing across the snowy scree

“Oh my god I just realized who you should meet”, Julie blurted out. “I don’t know why I never thought of this before but there is this person … quirky like you … really loves to ride her bike …”

“What? who?” …   “Rides  a lot?”

“Mo, yeah, you are so much alike. You should meet!”

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