Dropper Post

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Horseshoes anyone?

No sunrise this morning. No options to recreate since it was too deep to hike and no solidity to ride fat. Enter the Clue Epic. A epic series of 12 Clue games to determine just who was the best sleuth in the Beaverheads.

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Spent the day inside playing games

Today was our last day and we contemplated just staying. I mean who would be renting this cabin on a Tuesday night? But since there was a 30% off sale at the Patagonia Outlet we needed to get back out. Well … and we did have to work the next day as well.

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Ruby chillin in the white

After a lengthy chore session, chopping wood and cleaning the cabin, we were off. It should be easier then walking up the hill through drifts. And maybe our tracks up would hold us.

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Snowy sunrise at the cabin

Not the case. I mean the tracks were solid but narrow … unless you were Hans Ray. Walking past the sign to the cabin I wondered if we could ride our loaded bikes like a strider. You know those little bikes that children have.

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Snowy day at the post with no sunrise

After riding the top tube and falling twice it suddenly hit me. Duh!  I buried my seat post into the frame and tried again. Sweet victory. I rode at least 30 yards before crashing off the narrow track. With the snow being deep it was sort of fun. Kind of like falling off a log while trying to ride along it.

2017 @ Horse Prairie Station
Too narrow to ride and saddle too high to tripod

We got pretty good at the manual dropper post and by the time we arrived at the car we were carving turns in the snow. I thought dropper posts were gimmicks.


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