Calf Creek Cabin

We always knew that Calf Creek Cabin would be great in the winter. For one thing it is on a snowmobile route. But when we arrived we couldn’t even reach the parking lot. A huge drift across the road made us turn around to find safety back on the highway. We parked at a chain up area and set out on the bikes.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
The sun was setting as we headed in.

At first it seemed that we would have no issues. Some big four wheel vehicles had made it through and made tracks up the Sheep Creek Road. Enough time had been spent so we were running late in the day. Then when we got to the Moose Creek turn things changed. At first we figured that there would be no problems because there were snowmobile tracks. As we approached the first climb my partner was right on my wheel. I looked back and she smiled. On top of the hill we were half way to the cabin.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
The next day we pushed on … and through more drifts, although smaller now

I reached the top and stopped to rest. The climb was brutal but doable. Slow and steady with lots of balancing in the ski rut. Blowing snow made things pretty sketchy covering up the snowmobile tracks in areas. I did not see my partner coming so I nervously continued on.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
On day 2 we did some more walking … like we never got enough the night before.

I cam face to face with a 4 foot drift. I climbed up and over to see that the rest of the route was obliterated. I climbed to the side of the road and walked up a ridge to see if I could spot my partner. Nothing! The sun set … nothing. I headed back down.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure

I found her half way up the climb pushing her bike. the look on her face said it all. Time to give up and head back home.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
Day 3 high point

“I just ran into drifts and we have 4 miles to go, let’s urn back OK”, I shouted as I stopped beside her.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
The original parking destination that did not happen. Actually had to park a couple miles away out on the road.

She look over at me bewildered. As if she just seen a teddy bear talk. “What?”, she asked.

2017 Calf Creek Cabin Adventure
Setting Sun

“It just took you a hour to walk from over there and we have 4 miles … we are talking like 1 AM to arrive at the cabin and that is if we make it that far. There are huge drifts up there”, I pointed up the hill.

She paused then suggested, “Well can’t we tr? I am up for walking to see of we can make it. I can do it … let’s go”

With that I never suggested quitting again and yes we finally did make the cabin.

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