Someone special was buried yesterday and for the last week I have been pouring over memories and articles. Looking for photos. When we loose someone that made the world a better place I often wonder why. If life did have a higher power, if it made sense, the ‘good ones’ would survive. The good always win … right? Not so. Ben was better then myself. Faster and more gracious. If the world was a battery, Ben was a energy cell. Always charging life. He had a positive charge to all that came into contact.

So how can we find the positive here. For me maybe I can strive to affect others the way he did. If every one who remembers Ben can try to repeat the very way he affected you. Infections smile and positive attitude. The best father and husband. A great teacher. Helping others that need help. Pick one. And do it! If we all did that could we can stop negatives … maybe some of the hurt. Turn bad  into good. And make a tragic death make sense. When I smile at you on the trail … you will know there is a piece of him in it.

Your Thoughts

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