Paria Canyon, Out Into The World

I finally got some decent sleep and was overjoyed because today was extraction day. At least this time I could help my partner carry out stuff. Like our shit. Yea, you must carry your shit out.  It is really shocking how heavy two mornings worth of crap can be. Well … at least … the hike out wasn’t crap.

And a super bonus is that I discovered that my phone had reverted to cell phone mode and all my photos leading up to the last day were crap. Some expletives echoed of the canyon walls when I discovered that little nugget. So the photos today were going to be real photos at 16 megapixels … previously … like 3. Damn.

Emerging back into the sunlight and the warm sun of the desert we discovered what had happened while we were in ‘there’. A person at the trail-head gave us the news.  The dawn of a new time in America. Data and good science is out … Idiocracy is in. I had this desire to run back into the canyon.

The drive home was really quiet. Except for the discussion on where to move next.


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