Going Back to Frog Hollow

Gosh how we develop routines or the more comfy term ‘traditions’. Like our Thanksgivings at Twin lakes … 5 going on 6 now. One of my favorite places to go race is Frog Hollow and in the beginning it seemed it would become routine. #1 it is in the desert and warm. #2 One last time to ride my bike as much as I want to close out the mountain bike season. And #3 I used to have good luck at that venue. And it seemed that that would of been a good tradition … to go to Utah every fall for a big mountain bike blowout. I have come up short though, missing out in 2012 and not since the BIG FAIL in 2013. Let’s see:

2010 (Showdown in Frogtown ) was the first time I had been to Utah. I was hooked at beautiful sunrise on Zion. I had a blast racing with my friend Jill who raced on team Swiss Miss with Beat. They also doubled as my pit crew. Good times and one of my best memories. Long drive …well, yea. The drive back to Missoula was a bit of a task but who else would take Jill’s bike back home?

2011 a come from behind victory in my second year to impress my now partner Mo. This is when I discovered she had a knack for pit crewing as she is probably the worlds best investigative agent. I knew who was hurting and when they were hurting. I knew where I was and had all the intelligence at my fingertips. Did I mention she also helped Jill take on her solo race too. Being a sounding board to ideas like … “I think I will have tuna and a Pepsi”, to which Mo’s reaction was, “Is that really such a good idea”. Turns out NOT.

2013 did not end so well  although the days after the race were epic. But that race ended so badly and with so many misfortunes I just never went back. I just remember walking through cactus and sage in the middle of the night for hours with exploded rear wheels and ripped sidewalls. My friend Jill, now in her 4th consecutive year, still hanging onto traditions, was even having a bad race including a bloody knee lap. Just a bad year all around. Still though we all  left with smiles. Such a great event.

So even though it is not tradition it it something that I always look back on with a warm smile. All the laps and nights of the frog hollow. I cant wait to go back. We leave this Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Going Back to Frog Hollow

  1. I can’t believe it’s been three years. I still have a huge scar on my right knee from that debacle, but I look back on it with fond memories. Perhaps I will make it back to Frog Hollow once more. Have fun!

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