Flanders Lake

Flanders Lake … a hidden gem. Well not hidden really. One can get to it quite easily. Just that there is no ‘official’ trail on a map and thus can be overlooked.

We are with snow now and it was just last week we were discovering new parts of the world like Flanders Lake. And that bums me out, the snow that is. Why, well because if we can not go high then we are left with low. And I think low is boring and discovered. I did low and got the tee shirt. Right?

Flanders is tucked away and surrounded by cliffs strewn with goats. Side note from Mo is that you will not find sheep and goats close in proximity. OK where was I …

Sure, sure, we could ski up high now. But everything is covered. If it is going to be snow and cold then I want the worst of it. Blowing, cold, and at night through a raging blizzard. And that is not physically exploring the planet but interacting with it. Living with it.

We enjoyed Flanders. And at a good time of the year too. Colors about and a lake that we marked as a re-do complete with an overnight stay. You know … after the snow is gone. When we can go high again.

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