When storms roll in

It happens every spring. The first low temperature of the season. For us here in Bozeman that will be tomorrow. A high of only 36 during the day. And then that night getting down to 19. Very exciting. I can’t wait.

Like trees. Some grow at lower elevations and some up high. The mortality rate is higher up in the mountains. Sure, there is the global warming element that is killing some. But the ones that I identify with are the others. Some survivors and some killed in a avalanche or huge dump of snow being snapped off or uprooted under the weight. I like trees and I would like to identify with them … the ones up high. Down low it is all cushy and pretty. Little waterfalls give off a serine sounds as the lush forest around them sleep in. All nice … but boring.

Do they get exited when storms roll in? If you were a tree would you be excited? I am … because this is the excitement of life. Go out into the elements and face life. It is more exciting to ride a bike into work and be extremely cold then drive a car with the heater turned up. Yep … I’ll take the ride. And I am not wearing any coats … time to get ready for when a real storm rolls in.

Your Thoughts

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