Tobacco Roots Day 3

So leaving off with my last post I pointed out that even though my friend Paul seemed to be having difficulty with the altitude it was I who was the loser. For having left the coffee grinder at home if I need to remind the reader. So day 3 was the same thing. Except I added to it a complete blow up and a good smashing of our camp stove lighter. I was simply not going to let go of the fact that I was a complete idiot. Snuggles stepped up and made breakfast.

We took the day as a rest day so I went down to the creek to losing my hat in the creek and then discovered weird creatures attached to stones in the creek. All seemed to be waiting to wake up from some kind of state to take over the world. I tried to warn the others by throwing my can of water against a tree and throwing tether tantrum number 3 of the day.

After that we took a ten mile leisure hike up to Lake Louse and managed to grab enough firewood to take back to camp. It was this wood we lit on fire to warm me up to having fun. Good food and good company is enough to turn your day around.

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