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After dinner I was reminiscing about our recent backpack to Hilgard. Lots of people do it. Kind of boring right? The boring part being that everyone backpacks. I looked at our aspen grove and noticed that they are changing color. Holy shit I expressed to my partner. We better get out and do a bikepack this weekend. The summer is almost over. We are lucky that we have so many choices. We love backpacking and car camping but that is something everyone does. We actually have the option to bikepack and most people don’t. For one you need the gear … and I don’t mean a bob trailer. What we do is single-track hike-a-bike-remote bikepacking. Tons of friends are thinking … duh. But to most this is a freakish fantasy that they really have not come to terms with. And its fun. Just get out there and be where everyone is not. And stop doing the boring things.

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