3 Weeks Out

Our race is this weekend. And my mind thinks back 3 weeks ago when we started to “get ready”  for this event. On that particular weekend we were a bit out from our scheduled race down in Casper Wyoming. I used to do the 8 Hours of Labor in Butte and have missed it since it was canceled. We are truly excited but there is a caveat. Can we ride for 8 hours nowadays? We haven’t been really riding really long distances, and I haven’t really ridden a lot since the Fat Pursuit last winter. That one destroyed me.

So we decided to go check out a new area called the Tom Miner Valley. It was closed so we backtracked and end up setting up camp in a animal reserve near Daily Lake.

Yeah, we did camp on a nest of rattlesnakes and had to evacuate the area. And we did end up staying at Chico Hot Springs and soaking most of the time. But we did get out for some training exercises. We did about three bike rides and two mountain bikes rides. The hikes where the longest at about six hours a  piece. Yeah we’re getting into shape.

Your Thoughts

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