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Watching and waiting

We have friends over and I am recovering from a vitamin C burn in my chest so I sit at the computer with a hint of wanting to go for a ride to enjoy the sunrise. Speaking of sunrises my friend Jill and I share sunrise moments even across the miles due to a magical morning encounter during a 24 hour race ages back. This morning as the sun streams through our front windows I know that I am the only one enjoying such a moment. 2,404 miles away Jill is bivvying out on Island Point in Alaska. Possibly hunkered down behind Little Mountain surrounded by the sea. The ITI facebook site suggests,

“Jill Homer and Mike B are out of Shaktoolik and they are crossing 30 miles of sea ice in the morning. at 0 degrees with 25-35 mph they are looking at wind chills of down to -27 F and slow progress with this crossing.”

Wow, doesn’t sound like she is enjoying a sunrise this morning. From here I await her dot’s movement. And wonder when all my packages arrive to start my new adventure.

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