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Togwotee Race Report

This isn’t so much a report as an important observation. Why is it that when I go out and do a leisure ride I go with minimal equipment, as light as I can, but then when it comes to racing like a simple 35 mile loop, I decide to pack a lot of survival gear? Well this year this is what I did. My thinking before this race was questioning or wondering if this was like the first year and it takes us 6 to 8 hours of walking. Or I get stuck and half to extract myself.  Or maybe did I want to figure out how light I could go on a longer self supported race. Given 35 miles is a long the hike out would really not be that much. Mo just went out and rode without thinking of weights and measures.

Now I’m wondering why I started that ride with a lot of gear. During the race I looked around and everybody had their bikes set up just like a summer time cross country race. Super light steads with a single water bottle. In my infinite wisdom I toed the line with a 40 pound bike. Not as heavy as a ‘Fat Pursuit bivvy out overnighter’ but not as light as it could be. Mo … well she just rode with the stuff she always rides with.

Results were freaking damn hard given the high heart rate sprint of it all. Reality showed that the others were flirting on top of the snow and dancing up hills. I was doing the self induced kill myself project. As it was I came in at 3 hours 46 minutes, a half hour later then what I did last year. When I wasn’t caring so much stuff. Mo … she just came in third and was on the podium. Maybe I should be taking lessons.

Mo gets 3rd place.
Mo gets 3rd place.

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