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Last night I was battling the 40 hour work week with a trail run. Well … when I trail run it is more like a crippled old man stumble. Walking up and stumbling down with ouch-knee. A shadow moved across the ground in front of me causing me to look up. I hit the deck and rolled down the hill. The rest was a blur. Standing up in a midst of dust and trying to get the “device” from my pocket to take a picture. The person above was gliding on a thermal. And me … down there trying to cope with gravity.

My struggles this morning transferring my domain name over to google and setting the damn DNS settings. Yea the site went down. I stumbled and fell. Google will not allow me to map my domain name to WordPress. I got up scrambled around and got the site back up and running … at least I hope now. It may go down here and there until the new addresses propagate the internet.

So I stumble through life while the ‘others’ glide. And you all know how I feel about gliding.

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