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Winter Crash

So I was fat biking home after work. On board inside my frame bag I had a pound of pork, a bushel of celery, a bunch of rosemary, and a half pound of butter. Kind of loaded down but on a fattie I couldn’t tell. Heading home to make squash and pork pie don’t you know. Plus there was this mishap.

I have had a ton of mishaps but this one was new to me. A couple weeks ago Mo and I were walking in this area where Bridger Creek runs alongside a path. There is this embankment and some debris had clogged up and made a small dam. The path gets close to the water and then goes up this steep riser. The area had previously washed out the main trail and this temporary cut around was made by some locals. Mo mentioned how deep the water was and I attested how horrible it would be to jump in there.

I hate water … even have a fear of it.

So then yesterday I was ‘takin er home’ and just flying through the local trails. Yes, loaded down with that night’s supper. Some great snow track for fat bikes. I launched down this embankment and it occurred to me there might be ice. Too late. I grabbed a fist full of brakes only to slide even faster toward the bank. My tire caught last minute and I launched into the air with 30 pounds of equipment quickly trailing behind me. I dove into a deep pool of water head first but with only one had out for some reason. My left arm hit some ice and broke through and the entire ensemble splashed down into and then under the water. Like a space capsule entering the atmosphere and crashing into the ocean.

It didn’t take me long to get everything out because the water was freaking cold. Moments later I realized I was standing in the winter totally soaked to the bone. Good thing I was only a mile and a half to the house.

On the plus side I always wondered what it would be like to fall into water in the middle of winter to see how long before I would start to get into trouble being wet. Turns out pretty long. My pogies were fish tanks and my clothes froze. But I was able to retain heat beneath it all … but only because I was biking so fast to get home and thus generating heat. Not something I do all the time but sometimes I have these mishaps. Each unique and sometime new. I love new adventure.

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