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Spyder Composites Experience

My journey with Ruby’s repair began on Thu, September 10 when I Texted Spyder Composites about my broken 2014 Salsa Beargrease.

I had a trail mishap so routine that I didn’t think nothing of it. For some reason I wondered wide on a turn and went over the bars. Amazingly we discovered a crack in the seat stay. Why wait 48 days … well I tried to get it warrantied. No such luck. I will make no more comments on what followed from day 48 on; just want to post the data for others that are in this situation.

Day 48 – Thu, September 10: Texted Spyder Composits

Day 48 – Thu, September 10: Spyder Composits texted back information

Day 49 – Fri, September 11: Shipped to Spyder Composites

Day 54 – Wed, September 16: Delivered to Spyder Composites (0 day with spyder)

Day 60 – Tue, September 22: Bill From Spyder Composites (6 days with spyder)

Day 61 – Wed, September 23: Paid and confirmed (7 days with spyder)

Day 70 – Fri, October 2: Frank conversation (16 days with spyder)

ME: “Hi, hope all is well. I hate to bug you and I know you’re super busy. But I’m wondering if there’s any word on if my bike frame was shipped. My invoice is INV-3038. The salsa fat bike. Have a good weekend.”

FRANK: “I will check with the shop. It was finished last week but I have been out of town. ”

Day 80 – Mon, October 12: Frank conversation (26 days with spyder)

ME: “Hi, hope you are well. Just wondering status of Salsa Fat Bike INV-3038? ”

FRANK: “Let me check I thought I shipped it”

Day 82 – Wed, October 14: Sent question to Spyder Composites (Frank)(28 days with spyder)

ME: “Good morning! Is there any tracking info on the Salsa Fat Bike INV-3038? I suspect it got lost in transit. Thanks.”

Day 83 – Thu, October 15: Discussion with Frank at Spyder Composites (29 days with spyder)

ME: “This is for Salsa Fat Bike INV-3038. I have a planned bikepack this weekend and just found out I can’t rent a fat bike in Bozeman Montana, go figure. Is there any tracking information?”

FRANK: “There was three delivery attempts ” … “And will be back in San Jose tomorrow. I put I. another label request to have it rerouted can you confirm the shipping address ”

ME: “1233 Story Mill Rd, Bozeman, MT 59715 … Thanks for looking into this.”

FRANK: “I’ll check the label ”

ME: “Let me know if there’s anything I can do on my end. Like I can call the shipping company. But no I didn’t get any kind of notices on my door or anything.” … “Thanks again”

FRANK: “We’re on the phone with them now”

ME: “If it helps we are going over to our local USPS office tomorrow morning. Was it through USPS? Thanks.”

Day 83 – Thu, October 15: Called FedEx, UPS, USPS, and BikeFlights (29 days with spyder)

No one reported any deliveries from Frank’s business address. BikeFlights did say Frank has shipping issues all the time.

Day 87 – Mon, October 19: Called Frank at Spyder Composites (33 days with spyder)

My partner called Frank. He said that something went wrong with the shipping and FedEx could not deliver the frame back to him since he was gone. In the meantime after 3 attempts they just kept it in the warehouse. I guess someone at FedEx sat on it and crushed the box. Nothing was hurt according to Frank who mentioned that they were re-boxing it and sending it out today. Should have it by Friday he said.

Day 90 – Thu, October 22: Called FedEx and BikeFlights (36 days with spyder)

FedEx did not have any records of anything in transit. BikeFlights confirmed that Frank did make a shipping label but when asked if they could pick it up he declined. They gave us a tracking number of 940068415662076. He still has it.

Day 90 – Thu, October 22: Text Conversation With Frank (36 days with spyder)

ME: Hey frank just touching base to see if u have a tracking number 4 the fat bike frame going to 1233 story mill rd, bozeman mt 59715? Thanks!

FRANK: [sent a photo of the shipping label 3 minutes later]

Day 94 – Mon, October 26: FedEx Reported Pickup (40 days with spyder)

Day 95 – Tue, October 27: FedEx Reported Movement

8:39 am Departed FedEx location, SACRAMENTO, CA

Day 96 -Wed, October 28: FedEx Reported Movement

6:59 pm Departed FedEx location BILLINGS, MT

Wed, 9/16/15 9:47 am Delivered to my door.

Spyder Composites Carbon Frame & Wheel Repair
Frank Mohr
Spyder Composites
901 Camden #6b
Campbell, CA 95008 US

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