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The transition

Last Wednesday we were able to get out again for a night adventure. The problem this time was that the season has dramatically changed. The week before we were just looking for places that were not muddy. But this week that decision was not available, it was winter. It was totally and definitely winter. With four to six inches of snow on the ground we had to head up in the Hyalite to see what it was like. The fat bikes taken off the rack and prepped quickly and just threw in the element. Yeah it was a major transition period like learning where to put your balance and how to turn in the snow. To walking through deep stuff.

Getting the fatties ready

Yeah there’s pros and cons of winter. But really the pros are hard to describe. Because when you just have a good experience it is just a good experience and its hard to pick out all the little things that make up that good experience. But cons are easier to come up with because really you always know what’s wrong with things. Like it was too cold. Which is not the case this time. But I’m just saying. So now let’s just say the pros of this new season is that holy hell it was so much fun. And the cons, well, it was dark? I don’t know. I really can’t think of one right now.

Your Thoughts

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