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Why I don’t own a fat bike anymore

Reason number one. My stupidity. I could of owned a Ventana El Gordo. But I wanted to go with the light weight salsa carbon bear grease. It was my fantasy bike and just is all fantasies should always remain a Fantasy.

Reason number to. I trusted Salsa. Any other bike, even a Motobecane, would have never broke in the way that the carbon beargrease broke. I over shot a turn and laid the bike down jumping off and rolling off the side of the trail. The bike came to rest against a log with the back tire spinning. I have dumped many bikes in much more severe crashes. I have seen my mukluk bouncing down a scree slope head over heels for 600 feet. It never broke. This bike should have never broken and in that vein should have been warrantied.

Reason number three. I didn’t want to cause any waves and ruin any bonds. I wanted to get back on my fat bike as soon as possible. So what did I do? I sent it off to spider composites to have it repaired. But now the bike has not returned. It had been repaired 2 weeks ago but has been lost in transit. No shipping insurance nothing, poof. Vanished into thin air. Now I don’t have a fat bike. I can’t afford to put another one underneath me right now.

And now I just want to get to sleep. So I’m writing this blog to export my frustrations out there. I will move on and figure out a way. May be out of the blue the bike will show up one day. But what a run of bad luck, right?

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