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Gallatin Vision Quest Day 2

We woke up to sun … for about 6 minutes. Then it started to cloud up. We had camped on a side road off the trail to Bear Lakes, our original planned camp. After good coffee and a high five we headed to Bear Lakes. We then braved the massive climb to the top of a ridge on our way to Mystic Lake. The single track is outstanding and in contention for my favorite part of the week. Once in the next valley it started to rain. So we opted for the Moser Trail to the Hyalite Valley. The rain poured harder and we pedaled on with abandon. When the sun came out so did the shooters. I had to yell, “don’t shoot” numerous times. Once near Langhor we hid ourselves from the road and dried everything out. Camp 2 of the GVQ we had enough time for a brat and pea soup, something worm after a long day of riding in the rain. We fell asleep to the sound of the wind through the lodge poles.

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