What to do the day after a rainy day

Continuing on from the previous blog post. We woke up to a nice and although not really sunny, better day. It was cloudy but looked like there were areas on the horizon that were possibly better. To the West is a mountain range called The Tobacco Roots. It didn’t look that bad over there so we decided let’s go. So we packed the car and headed out. We found a great campsite and use the Ford Focus wagon to go off roading for just about 300 feet to get to the perfect spot.

The next day we took off on an adventure via mountain bike. We went as far as we could up each trail but eventually found snow. And at the end of the day it started to rain and we went back to camp. And fell asleep to the raindrops pitter pattering on top of our roof.

This is what we did on the day after a rainy day.

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