Thanksgiving 2014

We knew it was going to storm. We could see it on the horizon. At first it was just a dark cloud over the valley that we were heading into. But then the mountains disappeared. And then it started to drizzle. That led to a rain.

At one point I told my partner that I had to just keep going to stay warm. By the time I arrived at the cabin I was sopping wet. There were a little lakes around the cabin as if a monsoon had hit. I burst into the cabin and started a fire. Then I took all the bags off my bike.

I was headed back down the trail to go find my partner when I spotted her orange coat in the distance. As she rounded the corner on the straight away to the cabin I was amazed that she was not that far behind me afterall.

“Happy Thanksgiving snuggles”

We cooked up some brats and quickly put out the fantastic pair of lounge chairs. If anyone has stayed at Twin Lakes then they would know about these lounge chairs that double as cots. Luxerous.

The morning after we ventured out to check out our suroundings.

The lake was frozen. It was as we left it numerous times before.

The last night it snowed … a lot. At one point we pushed a tree branch into the snow and tied a ribbon around the spot of last resort. In the morning the snow was up to the ribbon. It was a full day of pushing out. At least the storm stopped right at the ribbon. I was just thankful we did not have to leave in the middle of the night.

Another Thanksgiving well done.

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