Lower Falls Morning

I just woke up. The sun is not up yet, and it’s quite nipper out. It’s bill time. I jump on my bike, ride down to the north rim, and lock it up to the guardrail at the Red Rock Point trail head.

I brought my camera because it’s kinda going to be overcast and I am thinking that I can take a couple stream shots along the way.

The hike starts out down the usual Y.N.P. Canyon descent on a slightly paved crumbling walk way. You follow a stream down that’s cascading down the side of the canyon. Then you come upon some boards steps that go quickly down to a big red rock. And it is here where you stand on a big cement pad with other Yellowstone National Park enthusiasts gawking at the lower falls.

But not this morning. I am up early and the crowds haven’t arrived yet. So I am alone and am able to actually observe more. More of the beauty. More of the sounds. More of the colors. I observe more of everything because of the absence of other human beings. And this is the essence of Bill Time.

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