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North Cottenwood walkabout

I have had time to stew it over. Disgruntled because I didn’t get to do it this year. In any case my partner was around so we decided to hit up North Cottonwood. A trail that I haven’t done since the first time I attempted to do it. Way back when I first moved to Bozeman.

It was a great hike, one where we never a reached our destination. But that was okay. We turned around and walk back to the car. Its been awhile since we’ve been out so this is good. It is all good right?

But wait, how about what happened last weekend? Well something did happen last weekend, but this story is totally balls. Yeah sure, my partner and I went out for a hike on North Cottonwood. But that was about a month ago. No this is a fraudulent blog post. Was it wrong that I led you astray? That is all. As you were. At least the pictures are pretty, right?

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