Elements of life

The wall of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

Looking across the canyon I see multiple colors and rock types. I heard the other day that when this human genome stops recognizing the type of elements in nature we will loose averything that makes us human and morph into another species. Domesticated and on the quick road to extinction. Not that we will mess things up but because of health issues.

Has anyone ever heard of unwild, or maybe it is unwilding? The author has some pretty good ideas. Anyway as I stare across the canyon I do not know the names of the types of rocks. Although I do see the diffrence in color and texture. So from this I could figure things out with the proper field guide. So all is not lost.

But what I really mean is that I am evolving from who I am and it must stop. The new job needs to go to the way side if things dont work out. I must get back on my bike. Things must change. All my elements are not recognizeable and I am blending in with the norm. Not good.

Your Thoughts

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