Climbing out of the canyon

As I write this Tracey Petervery and a couple others are storming through Lima Montana on their way to Red Barn Bicycles in Hamilton Montana. Yesterday, at work, I looked at a brief Facebook video of the start of the FitzBarn 2014. A tear rolled down my cheek as I put away the browser and started to go back to work.

Now I am in Canyon Yellowstone National Park and watching track leaders. Waiting for any updates. I’ve missed the 2014 FitzBarn.

To comfort myself I go to all the pretty sights and take pictures. That doesn’t matter right now. It’s not that pretty. What would be pretty would to be on the road. On my mountain bike, just me and the road. Bivying out in unknown locations. Eating at convenience stores in the only two places on the route that you could stop. So far and few between that if you miss judge your food you don’t have anything. But you have yourself and your bike and life is simple. I need to climb out of this canyon.

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