The simplicity of flow

How do we as humans make everything so complicated? When nature always seems to keep it simple. Like when I finally get a routine down I always seem to find myself looking for a new challenge. One that looking back has always made things too complicated. Prompting me to take a look as I am doing now at why I can’t get the things that I usually get done, done.

Water, it seems, has been doing one thing since the beginning of time. It only has one job. And its coworker, gravity, helps it along it’s path. Evaporate up to the clouds and then the clouds bring it over the mountains and drops it into the valleys and it runs back down into the sea. And that’s it simple. Easy peasy!

I guess I have to try and do the same. Sure we have new technologies that can enable us to do many many things. But I just need to do what I was meant to do.

Follow my flow.

Your Thoughts

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