Morning crust

I recently got a headlamp that has a red light so as to not bother others at night. It actually helps me sleep as well because it is void of the blue light that is harmful for sleep. This morning I had it on so as to not wake my partner. I was gathering supplies to make coffee. As a side job I was trying to get the fire going in the stove. I went outside to gather more wood.

On the way back to the cabin I accidentally stepped out of the little snow trail we had to the firewood shed. And I almost twisted my ankle. My god, the top layer of snow was hard as cement. Then a light went on and I dropped the wood and ran to the cabin.

I scrambled around and got my riding gear together and headed out the door. I jumped on my fat bike and tested the nearest un trampled section of snow. Which, I might add, is like 3 to 6 feet deep in places. Spring has not arrived up here just yet.

It held firm and I was gliding across the surface as if it were sandstone. I rode a couple laps around the cabin and stopped to pick up the firewood. I went inside and stocked the fire and left. My partner still asleep. I was on a mission.

The first step in the mission was to see where I could ride. Turns out everywhere except next to trees. The trees must keep the ten feet around them a little more warmer. My existence out here was dependent on the temperature. I looked at my GPS … 23 degrees. Perfect.

Next I wanted to see where I could ride. At first I was tentative but found myself testing new things like riding down near the stream. To see how close I could get to the edge. As close as I wanted. Such cool terrain. I even just crossed the creek. And tried new snow bridges across the creek.

Another mission was to see what I could climb. Turns out everything. I was climbing up a slope and doing turns down it like a skier. Excited I bolted back to the cabin. I had to wake my partner. She had to experience this.

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