Frog Hollow next

Venu before racers arrive
Venue before racers arrive

Jill and I have schemed in secret. Well not really, but we have chatted about meeting up at the 2013 edition of Frog Hollow. This place sits in the shadow of Gooseberry Mesa and Zion National Park just outside the town of Hurricane, Utah.

Evening at the venue
Evening at the venue

This venue is the one and only place I have shared a race with my friend. She on her world travels to do bigger things. Me a lowly Montana 24 hour specialist. I have raced many times but this place turns out where I changed from focused racer to … well … a cuddlier rider.

Virgin River
Virgin River

A couple great blog posts were spun from the first meet-up in 2010. Jill came out of the blocks first to post, surprise, 25 Hours of Frog Hollow. This post is my favorite because it is all about, well, me.  No, actually for the first time I read about myself thorough the eyes of another.  A great read. So I followed up with Showdown in Frogtown 2010, yea, wacky title. Actually one of my better blogs. Nowadays I just write about how I used to write well.

Bill, Mo, Jill @ Zion 2011
Bill, Mo, Jill @ Zion 2011

The following year we not only raced solo together but spent the following days stomping through Zion.  This second year was my favorite race of all time. I posted a tasty little post called 25 Hours of Frog Hollow 2011. A come from behind victory with three days of playtime after. I have not been able to top that since.

Great view ... YIKES
Great view … YIKES

Last year I took leave of this race and have regretted it ever since.  So as soon as the race registration went live I hopped on and signed up. I hope to try to top 2011 by spending a week after playing around in that area.  maybe some Zion trip or even a bike pack in the Mesa. I will lean on the experience of Jill who has trounced through that area many times. So it is off to Hurricane Utah in two weeks.

One thought on “Frog Hollow next

  1. Bill, I’m very excited! Whether you go for it or decide to race “cuddly,” it is going to be so great to see you and Mo again. (And, ha ha, if only my race fire could be as fierce as your “cuddly” mode.) I’m glad Zion is open again now. See you soon!

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